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How do you keep your focus?

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Hi guys,


I posted earlier and in a real bad way at the moment. However, im detrmined to swim, not sink and that involved revision and moving my life forward. I was wondering though, how do you clear your mind of the crap and focus on your studies? Is there any tips anyone can throw at me please?


Thanks xAx

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You're not alone in this!


Got my exams coming up in a few weeks and I just don't seem to be able to focus 100%


I find it helpful to revise in the library rather than home. Most libraries closed on weekends so a weekend is never a good time for me.. I sit here wasting my time.. not able to focus on my studies and thinking about my ex a lot! You can also try revising in a nice quiet coffee shop.


Try to plan something for your holiday after exams.. something to look forward to and kind of motivates you.. something you've always wanted to do.. would make you feel better about yourself after doing it.. whether reconnecting with some friends or family.. travelling.. etc..


Mate, we can't afford to screw things up now.. try your best to put any non-revision related thoughts out of your mind.


Best of luck!

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Your determination is what will keep you afloat. Use your negative energy. The best revenge you can get on your ex is to succeed and become better for it.


And make sure that even though you are going to be focused on it, make sure you have some way to channel your feelings when you need to take a break from your studies.

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My biggest tip is use whatever energy you have and use this to focus on nothing but your goals, the moment you speak to your ex is the moment this focus shifts to a negative place.


Concentrate on bettering yourself. Work hard to pass your exams, and not only will you feel proud that you have accomplished this, it will also be a smack in the face for your ex to show you have moved on and getting on with life, this was what motivated me. Don't let it crush you, rise above it and become a better person.


Good luck! x

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