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Accidentally pushed him away, how to contact him again?


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So last winter break, by chance, my friend and I ended up hanging out together for a whole day. We really got to know each other and I mean, I had always had a tiny crush on him so things moved fairly quickly, but it was the worst timing. The next night I went to see his band play and we ended up talking online for a long time and since we both dont sleep he picked me up and we went to a 24 hour diner and hung out. The next night was the night before I left for school again, so I went over his house and we hooked up, nothing much, it was pretty innocent.


I didnt think he actually liked me because Ive always thought he was the coolest aka way too cool for me. But he texted me all the time and said some pretty cute things and we would talk online all the time. As time went on, we sort of talked less and less, and online only. Then I came home for spring break. I didnt see him until the night before I left (again) and he was pretty obvious about the implications. I mean, no one goes over each others house at 3am if theyre friends right? Well, I was overanalyzing and insecure and paranoid so I got really nervous and distant. Nothing happened. I went home.

The past few months have been torture. I just cant get my * * * * together. I know its not an excuse to push someone away but I guess my issues are a lot more disrupting than I thought. We dont even talk anymore. The thing is, I really just love talking to him. I just want to be friends even, thats how much I like him. We have so much in common, he is the best person Ive ever met to talk to.


So, I just went to see his band play again and all I got was a "hey" in passing. Its my own fault I know this, and I know he probably doesnt want to deal with my stupid mixed messages anymore. I honestly have nothing to lose. I think he thinks I hate him or something. If he is online, I want to talk to him. I have things to say I guess, but should I somehow bring up the "we dont talk anymore" thing in a not-too-serious way? Should I even talk to him? I definitely dont want to tell him exactly how I feel because one - its on the internet.. and two - that would scare him away. I dont even know where to go from here, or what to say?

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wow, that sounds a little complicated. If it were me though, I'd tell him the truth about the pushing him away but I wouldn't tell him I had a crush on him... Juust cause I have a lot of pride.


Why don't you make contact with him then casually ask how his band is doing and why doesn't he invite you to it anymore?


About whether to contact him, ask yourself this: in 5 years down the line, will I regret losing this relationship whether friendship or love?

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