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Ok, there is a guy at the pool that I met two years ago . At that time right after we met, he asked me if I wanted to meet him at his house later that day for a beer. I said ok. I went there and after a beer I started freaking out. Why was I naive enough to go to a guy's house right after I met him. I scaredmyself * * * * less. I left. He sends me a text asking me if I scared him. I said yes. Did not talk to him after that for 2 years.


About a month ago I went to the same pool and he was there with his daughter. He saw me and waved. I jumped up out off the ground and ran to him. We talked for about 20 minutes , I was all smiles. Did not remember that I had told him that he scared me. Then he swam with his daughter and me alone. When I left I waved bye. After that day I was feeling so many things, like I wanted to get back together. I had already erased his number off of my phone. So I thought I need to start going back to the pool again, maybe I'll run into him. I went Thursday , he was not there. I went today and he was there!

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So, you freaked out last time. You want advice, when you see him again go talk to him and maybe ask him out.


Thanks everyone for your replies. BUT, I want him to ask me out first. How can I pull this off. I don't know even if he will see me if I am in a crowd at the pool. Thanks in advance for your input.

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I went to the pool today early in the morning and he was not there. It was so simple before, I was simply going to the pool for fun, I did not expect to see him there. Now every time I go to the pool I'll have this weight hanging above my head that he may or may not show up. I don't even have any evidence that he is the slightest bit interested!


The way we left it previously was that I walked over to the lap lanes and he was swimming laps so instead of asking him if I could share a lane, I just walked away. Then later on I had the guts to go back and got in to share a lane next to him. Now we both stopped at the head of the lanes and said high to each other. He must have seen me. Then I swam a couple of more laps. He said he had swam 32 laps so he said that was a mile.


BUT then at the end of it all he just waited for me ( I saw him ) waiting for me to get to the pool lane end and then said "bye 'my name' " so that's the end of it.

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