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Feels like my feelings are being supressed!


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Hello ETA,


In a nut shell,


I have been with my bf for about 7 months now. Our relationship started off rocky, as there was another girl involved.

I decided to look past it and he has gained my trust since. And he makes me really happy, however once in a while

there are times when i do think about what happened in the past, and I would like to talk it out with me in hopes that

he would comfort me and help my insecurities. But when i do think of those times i tend to get down (this does not happen

often), and he knows something is bothering me, and when i tell him what's bothering me, he gets upset and mad at me for

being down and botherd and ignores the actual fact of what is bothering me. I feel almost as if everytime i bring anything up that bothers me

he gets angry and i just feel like i should keep it in and then i just end up feeling hurt. If i dont talk about things that upset

me our relationship is really good and we're happy. I don't want to ruin our happiness by bringing up my insecurites, but

dont think i had a chance of getting over things bc we havent talked things out because he gets angry.


What should i do?

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Although you should be able to talk about concerns, you need to be more judicious. You basically want him to stroke your insecurities about behavior that you forgave in continuing the relationship. Not fair. It is not his job to help you with your insecurities. I know you don't want to hear that, but you two should have addressed that at the time and either moved forward or ended the relationship.


Either forgive and move forward and work on communication in general or move on.

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