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my ex is trying to get a reaction out of me

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Mutal friends lately have been telling me shes sad that we dont talk, that its sad when we knew everything about each other and now act like strangers, misses me, thinks im a great person ..the list goes on!


however she told some of these people knowing they will tell me... and because i havent replied to her texts shes now using this approach. i still wont give in. she seems happy in her new life, which im not part of. she choose this the day she broke up with me. as she knows i cant be friends with an ex. why would i. she left me for someone else, who wants to be a friend with that!


never have i said anything nasty, i just left with my head held high, it upsets me greatly she done it this way, after saying so many things to me.. but i guess actions speak louder than words!


shes moved in and all with her new partner after like 3 weeks together. we have been broke up less than 3 months!


im still staying strong, and saying nothing at all to her.. i dont need to say anything!

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dont really have a question about it!


im just letting other people know, that nc can make your ex miss you. but time is a healer for me. not completely healed but there is light at the end of the tunnel, it could be a case of the grass isnt greener and all that. but she still hasnt came back to me, so it probably is greener!


just want to share a bit of my story, and if you have any advice i.e if im doing wrong but not replying to texts etc or what i should do in this case etc.

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thanks lp90


possibly just looking support and encouagement. also want others to know, that im getting stronger (which i thought i never would) and the light is at the end.. still some distance but i want to help others too with my story as well. as a lot of you's have helped me, and without yous, my friends and family i wouldnt be where i am now!



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yeah shes possibly looking me to turn nasty and cheeky so she can feel less guilty.


but thats not the type of me, i am the bigger person to just leave it. she made her decision. i respect that, as much as it hurts. i hope she is truly happy thou, as i wouldnt want her unhappy.


but yeah, i think shes getting her friends to test the water as well, but im mature enough to just get over it. shes even got them snooping about to see who i went on a date with! shes moved on, so i am entitled to do the same!


she really wants to be friends, but theres no way. lol, as if! sitting with her and her new partner for a drink.. i would rather do something i hated!! lmao! never work being friends!

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It's great to hear you're sticking to NC. Clearly there's nothing to be gained by being in touch, she just feels guilty (as she should) and wants to be friendly with you to assuage her guilt. Stay NC and don't look back, let her come to terms with her behavior on her own. Chin up.


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hey wockawocka


NC is easy when you know shes with someone else, i havent once failed on nc. well except at the start when she text me, but i never texted her first. there is nothing to be gained from staying in touch, for me.. for her yes, as it would appear im weak, forgiven her, fall back guy, the list goes on. now i know she misses

me, there could be a slight regret. not enough thou.


she does need to come to terms with her behaviour on her own, and deal with it. she wasnt there for me, so i wont be there for her. harsh as that sounds, but she did make the decision.


if i see her out should i pass myself? or stay nc, cause i will see her out at some point next week


also i seen her a few weeks ago and ignored her, and so did my friends. not in a cheeky way, but i didnt want it to spoil my night. will i smile say hello and go about my business?


she text me after asking why i didnt talk to her... i didnt reply

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yeah you werent childish. is she trying to text you asking questions etc?


i think its funny now, as i went to hell and back now it seems she is. she only texts me when shes in work, so shes not with her new partner. so obviously when shes with him she doesnt give me a thought!

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