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Don't know what to do!

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Hi everyone,


My friend called me around 4pm today and told me that she attempted suicide by taking 30+ of the medication that was prescribed by her doctor and I just did not know what to say after that except for what happened and why did you do it. She said that she had taken 30 something pills, felt sick and then vomited some of it out, and that she wasn't sure if she will make it. I tried to lighten up the mood and tell her that she is going to be fine and that she will not die, and her response was you are silly and the next thing I know she hung up the phone on me. I tried to call her again until she would pick up, and when she did, all she said was what in this nasty tone and she told me that she didn't want to talk to me.


I called my mentor and I talked to her about this because I didn't know what to do. I ended up calling 911 to report this and found out that the perimedics is already on scene. I tried to call her grandma's house to ask about her condition, but her grandma would not tell me anything. I tried to call SF General Hospital to see if she got admitted there, but she is not. And I have been freaking out ever since. I texted and called everyone that I trust, but only a few ended up actually being there for me, which is really disappointing in and of itself.


I do not know how to handle this. I feel like I cannot handle this. I feel like she hung up the phone on me because I did not believe that she actually attempted suicide or something. Is it all my fault? How is she now? What should I do? What more can I do?


I am really worried about her. I've known her since freshman year of high school and she has never attempted suicide before as far as I know. I've always been able to get her through the rough patches of life. And it got me to thinking why didn't she call me and reach out to me for help before she attempted suicide? What led her to desparate act? What happened to her recently? Why couldn't she call me first? When will I hear from her again? Did I do everything in my power to help her? There are so many unanswered questions in my mind right now about this; it is impossible to list it all out.


Also how can I be there for her when a lot of things is happening to me as well?


Feel free to comment. Thank you.

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