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To all nice guys: are you too nice?


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And that is exactly why theres an age limit on Drinking in most countries. Alot of Teens are Hot-Headed and hormonal to begin with.. You throw in Excessive consumption of substance.. behavior could go either way with someone at that maturity level (heck you see what happens to some ADULTS who are generally mature and well restrained individuals otherwise.)


EDIT: Do not thake that as an excues. You choose to get wasted, you chose to be in that state, it's entirely YOUR fault what happens. just making the parelell as it relates to this.

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ToV, In my experience I have found that the wiser part of conflict is disgression. In otherwords, if things get rough and someone raises a hand at you, there are some times when "Honey, let's go - we're leaving right NOW" is the appropriate response. If there is a scuffle, my goal is not to scrap, it's to get out of there. If my girl dives in after me, then we're both stuck.


I was really applying this line of thought to both physical as well as metaphorical applicaitons of violence. Sometimes, yes, you have to fight back against life. other times you have to listen to what life is telling you, and make sometimes small adjustments and other times huge alterations to your course. If you're fighting against the current, you may be in the wrong river - or in the wrong part of the river - to be going in the direction you're trying to get.


The partner I want by my side is the one who has my back as I have hers - and that means she's smart enough to say "yes, I just got smacked, but this is not the time or place; we need to get the f out of here."


This may be suprising to some people, but it's not common for people to get in fights anymore. At least, not in my area, unless you are in a part of town you simply don't belong.

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