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Relationships with classmate. Don't what to do now.


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Uh, I'm in difficult situation here. I need your advices what to do now, never been in so embarrassing situation before. So here's the story:


"I'm 17, and in my class there is one girl, which I started to really like this year(We are studying together for 2 years). She is very clever, she studies very good, she isn't from those stupid and silly girls maybe that's why I like her, maybe she isn't the most beautiful girl, but I see something inside her what I haven't seen in others girls(I didn't have long relationships with a girl, what I had was just few girls for one night in the parties) . Maybe 2 months ago, I started texting her from time to time. And we had few serious chats about life, about everything, sometimes we chatted just about silly things. But 2 days ago, uh I made big mistake. I was invited to another classfriend party, She was too. I got totally drunk, and she wasn't drunk at all. And when we were left alone I confessed her that I really like her, I asked her if I ever sometime could be something more than Classmate(She said "Everything is possible" ), This one best: I said that one of 3 biggest life's mission is to make her fall in love with me. (don't even ask what are other 2missions I have no idea, ). Some minutes later after my talk, she went to talk with other girls and said that she will be back in few minutes, and she didn't return after 30minutes and I passed out(I wanted to sleep so much and I was drunk). In morning we didn't have a chance to talk,she needed to travel somewhere the same day, just when we woke up she humorously asked if I remember what I said her about my life's mission,(I said I don't remember, but... I remember everything) "


Now it's summer holiday I won't see her in school for few months. From her best friend I just found out today that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Now I just can't text her the same as before. I feel so strange about this. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should call/text her and tell everything what I think about her, I didn't want to say to her what I feel to her yet, because what we just did was just texting, we have never been out together or something else. (she thought about me just as good classmate, maybe good friend; but she really couldn't know this). Maybe one event could help me, after 13days gonna be her Birthday,



Uh what should I do know? Everything seems so strange, if she hadn't been from the same class everything would be 10 times easier, but now it's totally different, no matter what happens I will need to study with her together in the same class for 2 more years....


Sorry for my bad English I'm from Europe, and I'm having hangover from another my friends birthday party...

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slow down and take a deep breath. Just ask her out for a date and see how that goes. It's a little early to be professing your undying love. If the date goes well, ask her out again. See where it goes. Your in too big a rush right now. Take it slow and easy.

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Hey don't worry about it. We all get drunk and say something we regret later.


I think you should just pretend like nothing is wrong. I also think do not ring her to talk to her about anything you said. How you act now towards her is all that matters.


I would just wait awhile before texting her as normal, and just see if she texts you first. But as I have said, don't focus so much on what's happened (you can't change it anyways) and just see what happens.

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Some news. Yesterday, I invited her to go out. She rejected and said that the main reason why she couldn't go out was "Very thanks, for the offer, but I can't go with you I look terrible after 4days trip, and camping in the nature, I need time to get back to human, I'm not going out of the home today"



Is this very bad sign that she rejected? Should I try again sometime later?

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