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Attration and Mix messages


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HI, I am new this all and have joined for some advice. I have recently started work and have also recently noticed that there is a guy who when he walks past looks at me, i dare look at him, through shyness. When he is on the phone he will hover around where I am, and when he sees that I have come in will delibertaly get up and walk around in the distance to let me know I am here.


I obvioulsy see all this through my the corner of my eye. he has even moved places and sits diagonally to me in the distance.


yet on the one occasion I have plucked up the courage and looked at him as we were passing he looked straight on and blanked me. On anotehr occasion he knew i was leaving so he was hovering around on the phone at my locker and when i approached it, he walked off!


yet he continues to be around where I am, he doesn't smile, and i haven't either becasue of rejection, yet he has a prescence, he hasn't made the effort to say hello or anything but has the habit of hovering around.



have I got it all wrong, or his he sending mix messages.

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What you described could be an indication of a really shy guy who likes to be around you but not make contact with you. At the same time it could also be you wanting to see something that isn't really there.


The only way for you to know for sure would be for the two of you to speak with each other and start communicating. If he wont even say hi to you then you might have to make first contact. I'm not saying you have to ask him out for lunch/coffee or anything, but at least get some casual dialog started and through that you should get a better idea about whether he has interest in you or not.

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