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I need to not text you, so I shall vent here.


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I don't get you. We talk Monday. You sound confused, fair enough. You don't know what you want. But you tell me I have to move on. I tell you you have to let me move on. You ask what I mean. I tell you I need my stuff from you, my money, the bed etc. You tell me you'll be in touch Thursday. It's Friday now, and I haven't heard a peep. Are you scared yourself? Are you scared that once that stuff is gone then it's definitely over? You know I want you back. Want us back. But only you have the power to make that happen. But you don't want that right now. After our phone call Monday, we were texting. I asked the best way to rekindle this, by telling you daily I miss you? You said no, by leaving you alone, but sending the odd catch up text. So I ask if we should leave the contact on Thursday, and talk when I'm back from London. You said you'd still be in touch Thursday. So why wasn't you? Why haven't you replied to my text this morning? Is it not enough that you've broken my heart? Destroyed my confidence in myself and in men? Made me feel worthless? Taken away the planned future we have? Are these games that you're playing? Or did you forget? It's unlike you to play games, but saying that, I don't know you anymore. I don't want you. I want the man back that I fell in love with. He's in there. I can hear him when we talk. He shows himself slightly. Then hides away again. Why? I just don't know anymore. All I know is that I want us back, but I'm exhausted from this now. Mentally and physically.

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I've read all of this and it has genuinly upset me. I really do feel your pain, being ignored is one of the worst things imaginable when all you want to do is talk to that special someone. I've been arguing with my ex girlfriend all night through texting and I feel like I'm not even talking to her anymore, but someone I once knew. They have the power to make things right again but choose not to, but if the power were in your shoes, you would flick the switch in an instant. I have never changed from who I was, always been true to my word. The broken heart probably doesn't even go through their minds, they are too interested in how they are feeling, or what they are going to do with their future. How can two people who love(d) each other just split into different sections of the universe, it makes me question what love is.


You can wait around forever for someone to come back, but I decided to contact my ex and try to get some closure. Her attitude towards me has pretty much answered all the questions for me. I honestly think if you are thinking about sending the text, then go ahead and send it. And if he doesn't reply, then you're better off without him. Because if he really loved you, he would at least put his feelings aside for a few minutes to explain himself.

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When we spoke the other day, he was so confused about what he wanted. Which is fine. But after the phone chat, we spoke VIA text and we agreed that the best way, if any, to increase the chance of the relationship would be by leaving each other alone with the odd text. But said he'd still text Thursday. Just upsets me that he says he'll text and doesn't. This morning, I text saying:


I've been thinking about things the last few days, about how me backing off might help us. I'm just wondering whether we should leave the bed etc. a little while and see how things go now I'm backing up words with actions (e.g. backing off as I've said I will). Maybe sell the bed after my birthday if things don't turn out for the best. What do you think? Please only agree if you think it could help the chance of working stuff out. X


But there's no response. He'll be working, but he does usually respond when working.


It's insane. This man was my absolute everything. Two weeks before we split, he bought a charm for my bracelet of two people hugging. He said it meant 'together forever'.



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Its hard, it really is. I mean the amount of thoughts that would be going through my head. Do I text, do I wait for a reply, will they try to contact me? I think its unfair that people can say they don't know what they want. You are not just some lifeless body that waits around until spoken to. You have your own life to lead too, what if his feelings came back and yours were too far gone? He can't expect you to wait.


I'd just give it until tonight to see if he responds to that text, there could be many reasons why he hasn't yet. I understand, its ridiculously confusing! People do change admitedly, but not that fast.

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After reading your post, I’m now white with fury.


I’d grab that yokel by the lapels, and shake him like rag doll.


“LoveHurts89 needs her stuff back, you louse!”


Then I’d smack him accross the face a few times to drive the point home.


“Get it, douchebag?”


Sadly, I’m on the other side of the globe from you, otherwise…

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Lol! That really made me smile. In all honesty, I don't want my stuff, as it removes all hope. But for that reason, I need it back. I can't keep clinging on the false hope.


I've text again. Asking if he'd meet for coffee. No response. Surprise surprise.


There hasn't been games throughout, so I don't get what's going on now.


I feel so low, so worthless, but in my heart, I know I deserve more.

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A few weeks ago, I used a thread like this to stop me contacting you. So I'm gonna do it again. Last night I sent a text saying sweet dreams, and I can imagine that you didn't appreciate it. So, no matter how big or small the text is, I'm gonna post it on here, and see how long I can keep NC. I want to at least keep it until I'm back from London in a week.


"Good morning. I miss you... X x x'

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