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I broke NC and its the best thing I ever did (to get over her)


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I found out last night that she has been telling everyone I left her, she denies the seeking of sympathy but I know thats what she craves, any kind of attention. After being told lots of different stories about what shes been saying about me I thought that enough was enough. Before we started talking I had at least some respect for her but after the amount of arguing last night, I'll be honest its really helped me out. I could have been waiting around for months for her to contact me. But now I know that she had no intention of doing so, she has made me out to be the bad one. Why wait around for someone who might not come back? Its ridiculous, I got treat like a piece of dirt when we split up. And even now she still has the cheek to speak to me horribly.


Seriously guys, please don't wait around for something that might never happen. Fair enough if you broke up on good terms, but if they treated you badly and have left you to rot...Then just take a stand, no one deserves to be treated like that.

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I got made out to be the bad one too... She made out she had other things to worry about and I wasn't rexpecting this, but she wouldn't tell me what was up so how is that my fault? You don't just stop talking to someone and expect them not to question it/get pissed off.


Anyway, she text me last night, asking how I am, and she's got things on her plate and she's sorry. I've just ignored it and it's made me feel loads better.

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I know what you mean, they make you out to be such a bad person. But when you finally found out what they've been saying it makes you boil inside. I begged for her back, and cried every night hoping she would contact me. But in her insane world she has just been going round telling everyone I left her, which are obviously going to make people think I'm a * * * * .


Yeah man good on you, at least you've got an apology. Once again shes trying to turn this around on me. Shes so deluded its actually scary to an extent.

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Drives me mad. When I split with my other ex I never had a bad word to say about her... I just felt it wasn't working and was no point in dragging it on.


Treating someone like * * * * , then trying to push the blame on then is wrong.


We're better than them mate, and will soon look back and realise this!

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That's all I wanted, I think after you've spent so much time with someone and you loved each other. That even though you might not have got on all the time, it would still be nice to split up on good terms. She is acting like I've cheated on her and trying to win her back. I know there's no chance we'll be back together or that it will even work but I'm fine with that. I didn't bother with her since we finished me but she tells my friend to keep me away from her...I've done absolutely nothing.

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