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They are going to sack me....

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So I've posetd on here a bit...


I had started a job over 13 months ago in a health related field in australia.A month into it my ex broke up with me.I was offered a transfer intestate. which I took. i didn't like it when i started and up until this day i don't... so I've been looking for work ever since... theres no work here in brisbane australia in what I've been looking for and i have been openb to different things...


so fast forward to today I get marched into the back room of the store and told I'm simply not doing good enough and I have let customers down and been rude and that i don't know enough after being with the company a year(i work only 20 hours a week)..All these complaints stemmed from my co worker from a girl who started 4 months ago and is the full timer and there everyday.She simply dislikes me and has deceided to keep track of so called complaints and exaggerate them..So i get told by a seniour worker that if i don;t shape up and improve in a week after i get back form my holidays (yes I was supposed to go on holidays i feel somewhat not inclined to right now worrying about my job) more or less i will be sacked.....they made me sign a form saying i acknowledge the accusations and what my response is.


this girl that has made the exaggerated cmplaints was also the one who * * * * * ed about me in a emails to a seniour managment person three months ago and I found them...... I realised at the time and before I must get out but i simply have billls to pay I couldn't just simply walk away.. thats why i am still there.. I have searched within my means and i am now looking down the barrel..


This girl who is seven years younger than me has just had it in for me.. her main gripe being I'm not bubbly enough and she doesn't want to work with somebody who isn't, we are all different and I have never been bubbly and loud like her... why am I being told I'm not good enough..........why is me not being bubby enough the biggest problem. when I was interviewed they took me on that why is ita problem now?????


I;m so lost and knew this was going to happen..I'm wondering if I'd have grounds for harrassement???I have aloso suffered some health problems from it and have had heart complaints from the stress and worry.. caused by the meeting that took place today and other times...I know after my holiday I can not go back to the store ever.....i feel I have been treated very badly and the accusations are completely unfounded or blown out of proportion. not one person in the office has said anything nice of me of which including me is three..What the hell?????I've not done anything to them..


my plan is to just never go back aftre my holiday (thats if I go I may not) i don;t know what i will do i can't find work..... and I thought a bad break up is a worry.....this is killing me...

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Use the time you have to look for work. Expand your boundaries to further than you have ever done before. If you want to stay in your industry, go right accross oz looking for alternates. If she is going to pursue making your life miserable, do whatever work you have left until (and if) you are in fact sacked, and use that time until then to get another job. Use up every ounce of time in your search.

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I agree that you should spend time to look elsewhere for work but at the same time, it would be very helpful for your to sit down and write up everything that went 'wrong' with this company. Then do the same thing with what you feel went right. In each of the instances, especially with the wrong things, think about how you would have handled things if you were faced with the same issues again. Think about what you can learn from each episode. These will help you in your future roles.

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You are not being harrassed, and you have no grounds for health problems stemming from being fired.


I'd stop focusing on this girl and start looking for another job.


And in a year, you couldn't find another part-time job in retail? Wow.

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