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Working together is an absolutely nightmare.

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I really do not know how i'm going to deal with this long term. (or for the next couple of months).


I had to work with her for 9 hours today. Considering she's seeing another guy I should be the one who's mad right? So I waved politely because I can't stand not being civil (or having enemies) and she just looked down. Than spent the rest of the day avoiding eye contact with me at all costs.


I just don't understand. I'm healing pretty well and i'm not even mad at her.


For someone who wished me so well when we broke up all of a month ago, and has been still texting me regularly (which i told her to stop) now she hangs her head to avoid eye contact

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She probably feels guilty and knows that she did the wrong thing. You are the one that has acted with class so she can't meet your gaze.


It happens a lot. My best advice would be to avoid dating co-workers, or have an 'escape plan' if/when the relationship combusts. If you are defo leaving your job in two months then stick it out, but if it's getting to you and you don't absolutely need the money, then you can consider quitting.

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I thought back to alot of our fights, its pretty bad really. Some of them were just awful. Its definitely a good thing that it happened. (They were usually my fault too mind you).


However I just hate being hated by someone. Particularly someone that knows all about my life and I have shared everything with. I'm not sure if its a case of her feeling 'guilty' or one of her seeing the grass is greener and just deciding she absolutely hates me, hence no eye contact.

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What does she have to hate you for? Did you cheat or set up another girlfriend so that you could make the transition from relationship to relationship? No.


You just gotta stop worrying what she thinks. She can't make eye contact with you and she left you for another guy, and you're analysing it. Imagine how much analysing there would be if she did talk to you!

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Some people wont agree with me but I work with my ex as well so I want to put a point accross. When I broke up a few years ago with an ex I went NC and didnt see her, then about 3 months later I happened to see her outside a bar having a smoke and it killed me to see her again and everything came flooding back. However not by working with the ex and seeing her from time to time its getting easier for me to deal with it and I dont think I'll have one of those moments where I will randomly bump in to her outside work and it will all come flooding back you know? Just a thought.

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Na, maybe for my 'treating' of her during the relationship. But I guess most relationships end with fighting and dissolution, that's why they are ending.


But you are right, I am just analyzing the small amount of information I have (which is a very small amount of info). I havn't got much better to do right now =P

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You haven't been broken up that long and i'm sure it is very awkward more than anything. She probably doesn't want to encourage you or get into any discussions of the past or emotional scenes at work, so is basically avoiding you and contact with you for that reason. She also probably doesn't want you asking her any questions about her new guy as that would be terribly awkward too, so she's just avoiding you. I wouldn't take it as a sign she hates you, or she'd more likely be shooting you angry glances.


Just avoid her as much as possible and don't read more into it... it's just extremely awkward having ot work with an ex.

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