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so the ex called over a week ago...I haven't heard anything from him since.

I don't know why he called...he said he was worried about me. I told him not to be.

Why did he even bother calling if he wasn't going to call again? I hate my ex...I don't want to reconcile, I just

want to know why he wants to play games. We are in NC, it should stay NC. (I only answered b/c I deleted his number and my phone didn't recognize the number he called me from...which I subsequently deleted after he called)

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He was checking in on you...


Sometimes ex's do this - as they struggle to move forward and perhaps having a down day may indeed miss you briefly... a little... not enough to want you back but indeed wonder. So they put the call out there... will you answer? what will you say? are you still there? are you waiting? are you miserable without him?


By answering you have probably settled his curiosity. He is having a better day now and feeling better with the knowledge that you are still there on the back burner.


All I can say is if it tortures you this much that he randomly called and stopped... then next time just don't answer... let him be the one left hanging.



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