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Is my transvestite ex a paedophile?


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I found out this week that my boyfriend has been dressing up a a woman and inviting men around his house to have sex with him.. sometimes in the middle of the day before coming to see my after wards. I am a complete mess and now am worried about his children. He is separated from the children's mother and they live with him 3 days a week. I always questioned how close he was to his youngest daughter... he would do things like smack her bum when she was walking up the stairs and they'd sometimes share a bed (she's 11). She was also massively jealous of our relationship and would never let us be alone together, she would jump into bed with us in the mornings and play with his hair and tickle him back. His oldest daughter who isn't his(13) is an anxious mess, i've never seen a child who suffers with anxiety like her. He also works with children and teaches karate to children. I'm not sure if i'm being completely paranoid...?

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There's no clear evidence supporting this. You're shocked at your ex's sexual taste. And the sexual taste of his isn't easily accepted as of yet for the mainstream for you to at least be a bit prepared. But the fact of the matter, you're shocked and suprised, did not know this, thrown for a loop while you thought you knew him, and still hurting over him just a bit (assuming because you kept track to find this new information out).


The "slapping" of the butt is nothing. My family does this. We're physically affectionate in a silly way. Each family is different of how they show affection. And it sounds like the girl didn't want anyone to "steal" her dad like that, which is normal, typical, for a child. I can't say much for the oldest child except there are many reasons for that, including she's a teenager.


* Until there's clear evidence, then okay. But it's best not to get involved with an ex just to find out.

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