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In December 2010 we dated and slept together but I wanted it to be serious she wasn't having any of it even though I had put my heart into telling her how i felt. She just wasn't after a relationship as she wasn't sure what she wanted. A few months passed we still spoke and then one night we went out, then we started seeing each other again it was mainly sex with a few dates in between. I was enjoying spending time with her but could tell she wanted more and I didn't want to lead her on so I told her, she knew I was scared of getting hurt again but I kept pushing her away to protect her. I finally text her saying to move on which I'll always regret doing now. Within a week of telling her this she was seeing a new fella and within a month was in a official relationship something we never was, even though at some point we both wanted to be.


I didnt know she was seeing someone till I saw it on facebook, but before that had happened I'd already started to realise what a mistake I had made. I told her how I felt and she returned the feelings but saying it was too late as she was seeing someone else even though it only had been a few weeks. The day after I told her we met up and had a long 3hr convo about where we were and what we were going to do about it? during this time the BF tried calling a few times but she didn't answer, we text all week then met the following week for a few hours again where I told her to move on and forget about me which she replied she didn't want to and that I was here first ( didn't realise it was a race) We saw each other again on a night out and spent the night together having photos taken and a good laugh she even kissed me a few times without hesitation. We spoke about the situation the following day and it happened cos she wanted it too. I didnt speak to her for a while then txt her before her holiday I didnt get a reply till late at night, and we spoke for a few hours then. She got back from holiday and a friend told me she thought about me all holiday and not her BF.


When she got back I asked if she fancied a drink in town, we planned to meet up but it turned out her BF was also out that night so we went to her local. We spoke about how things were going and they seemed ok, she really wanted to go town even though their was a chance of bumping into the BF she still insisted. We had a great night out and even promised to have another one soon, at one point she introduced me to someone as a friend then apologized for saying friend, throughout the night we kept talking about the good times we have had and the fun yet to come.


One of our mates has been involved in the relationship alot originally helping both of us get together, in a joking way we've said she'd have to be involved in the wedding cos of how much she's helped us throughout. The best mate has also told me it's not working out and the girl is having doubts already. possibly jumped into the relationship too soon, I know they spend all their time together and have the odd night out.


I did a full week of NC then text her to see how she was and for a chat, she replied almost instantly! we had a chat for the rest of the day, I told her I couldn't wait till the weekend and she seemed very interested in know what I was doing! I told her in a closed text and that was the end of that, didn't ask her plans at all. Now since that day I've been in NC again.


Having gone through events over the past few weeks I've started to notice that things in her rebound have died down. No more photos/posts on FB of the two happy, and just seems like the honeymoons coming to an end, I think maybe she'll give it a week to see if its game over with the rebound.


I want to text her to see how things are going ( Bad Idea I know!! ) But what if she is doing NC to try and make the rebound work thinking if i want her back I'll get in contact? That would explain the rapid reply to my text earlier in the week. I know her mate is out at weekend so I'm thinking of dropping her a text 2mora evening to see if she's out. Not that obvious of a text though, but if she's playing NC and wanting to see if i'm interested still and I'm in NC it ain't going to work.


We were never in a serious relationship and never really dated longer than a month at a time, her new relationship came about cos I told her to move on as I wasn't sure what I wanted (didnt want to get hurt again, but i have) It took less than a month to become serious, has probably been serious for 2months now.


Whats the average honeymoon period 3 months max? if she was having doubts within the first month, there surely coming to light now? I've just got this gut feeling that she's not happy.


I know your all going to tell me to move on, and I am slowly just incase the rebound dies down. I've decided on a cut off period a few weeks from now if nothings happened by then it's over for me and her. But for now i'm waiting.


Glad I found this forum helps me get how i'm feeling out and does help alot


What you all think? drop her another casual text about the weekend or maybe text the best mate?

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