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An Ideal Solution


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One needs a mop and bucket to sop up the emotional carnage that accompanies an ‘Out of the Blue’ breakup.


Such was my recent experience with my departed virago. Showering me with ‘I love you!’ one day, and then consigning me to a slagheap the next.


Judging from the threads here, this is a common theme that many of you have experienced.


What an adjustment! We’ve been emotionally eviscerated, and will not be entirely functional for months to come.


I’ll be self-soothing to my stack of “Swank” magazines, and flinching with a mind-crippling fear if a woman passes within 100 meters of me, for many months as I affect repairs to my damaged ego.


Wouldn’t life be fantastic if we could choose the type of pain that accompanies an ‘Out of the Blue’ break up so that we could recover quicker?


“Sagreras, the time is nigh.” “You must choose between suffering the emotional equivalent of being gored and disemboweled, or you can receive twenty of the best from my Cat o’ Nine Tails.”


I’d take the whipping any day rather than go through the hellish torments I’ve experienced over the last few weeks.


I’m wrecked. If a woman displayed any interest in me right now, I’d probably crumple up into a ball on the floor and ball my eye’s out.

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You have a way with words that's for sure! lol. Im feeling much the same only any woman that now speaks to me im thinking i have missed out on a chance to ask them out or have a fling with them. Im just back from getting a deposit back from my female landlord at her house and was thinking i missed a chance to hang around and maybe something would happen. Yes my mind is in complete mush. I had to tell myself to get a grip driving home.

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