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Ex is back on Saturday, feeling a bit rubbish.

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Hi guys just a vent...


My ex has been travelling Europe for the last two weeks with his best friend. This has been fantastic for me as it's helped me think about him less and also has reduced the temptation to contact him as, obviously, i haven't been able to.


I know this sounds silly, i'm not even angry at him but i preferred it when I knew he wasn't in the same country as me. Not sure why, it just helped me feel a bit better.


he's back on Saturday...not sure why but really feeling sick about it. Like, disgustingly anxious about it...I'm not going to contact him but...I just wish he'd stayed in France or something...lol.


Anyway, vent over. Hope you're all doing well



G x

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Ugh I know what you mean, we always like it when they're far far away, I study in the same uni as my ex and I'm dreading the dar that university will start again! (I wanted to take a summer course and saw him this summer but they didn't accept me to take summer) Jst the thought of them being so near makes everything so real, trust me I know how you feel

But if it helps and since you're doing NC now just imagine him still on that trip, why not if it makes you feel better, it doesn't matter wether he's back or not as long as you never see any sign of him around, out of sight out of mind..

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Cool. I can sympathize about wanting him in another country. Couldn't you just phone in an anonymous tip to the French authorities that he's smuggling drugs? Might make the trip a bit longer.


Hahahahaha - oh gosh that would be amazing. I'd definitely have to practice putting on a Russian accent or something though so it couldn't get traced back to me!



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