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Meet my Ex for the Second Time...Advice Please


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Hello, All.


My ex of three years and I broke up about a month and a half ago. The details of our relationship are the following: A year ago we were having problems. I had some serious issues with confidence about my direction in life and gained a lot of weight, and really stopped putting in effort into the relationship. My self-consciousness about my weight really made me not want to be intimate with my girlfriend. What exacerbated this was that I moved five hours away to a lower-tiered law school (all I could get into) while these problems were unresolved.


Needless to say, things deteriorated, and we ended up breaking up at the beginning of May. She said she still loved me, but that she just wasn't feeling in love and that she definitely thought it was possible we could get back together, but we needed to fix things about ourselves before that could happen. I know she's gone on a few casual dates since, but I don't think they have been anything serious. I also have gone on a few casual dates.


Since then, I have maintained limited contact. She has contacted me a few times via g-chat. Also, in the mean time, I have really lost a lot of weight, have gained personal confidence back, have been able to transfer to a better law school way closer to the ex after finishing last year at nearly the top of my law class. I really feel like the issues I needed to fix are really on their way to be fixed.



Last weekend we met up for coffee on father's day. I asked her if she wanted to go. We hugged upon meeting and leaving, and she definitely noticed I had lost weight. She also ended up calling me the pet name she had for me. After an hour, she needed to get back home for father's day dinner, but she said the next time I was in her town that we should meet up.


She has contacted me a few times since then, and even called me the pet name again (its not a generic one, its a very couply one). I have to be in her town this weekend to do some things regarding transferring. I asked her to dinner, but she said she was booked both nights but that we should do coffee.


Does this sound positive that she may have an inkling to want something again or that she has any feelings? How should I proceed with this second coffee date?


Thank you!

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yes sounds like good news. you should continue on course


Should I not contact her until the meeting on Sunday?


Also, I mean there is no way she couldn't have some feelings for me left? We actually were friends who saw each other on and off for seven years then started dating for three...



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