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Texting rules???


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My co-worker has set up her friend and I to try and meet. So we have each others phone numbers. I sent a text to her and we continued to text over the next 4 hours. We didn't talk because she said it was too hard with kids running around in the background...I understand her point. The next day, I initiated the texts again and we texted for about an hour.


On day three, yesterday, she sent a "hello" text in the morning. I answered her back with a good morning...hope your morning is going great. I had no answer from her. Maybe she was busy. So I sent a text in the late afternoon. No answer. By the evening I wanted to text again but I didn't. I don't want to appear as a smotherer. Right now...I still haven't heard from her since the "hello" yesterday morning.


Is this a sign that I should give up? What should I do now...if anything?

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I would just wait it out for a bit. If she has kids then she is probably very busy. Most people I know don't keep their phones on them all the time. Right now I would just wait a day or two more and see if she texts you herself. If she doesn't get ahold of you by then, you could text her (or call) and ask if she is still interested in meeting you. If she doesn't reply, then you have your answer.


I have a feeling that she will text you back though. I can't count how many times I assumed the worst, that he wasn't going to text back and then he did. Always jumping to conclusions, lol.

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