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is my ex playing games with my head AGAIN?


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My ex text me yesterday saying he had a dream about me.. anyways we texted each other a few times (we had been doing the NC for about 2 weeks, we have been split up for 2 months now)..


and now we have planned to go the beach for a picnic next week.. he is getting a new car and wants to go the beach with me in it?


I just dont understand, we have been texting and things, and he has said he doesn't want to have fun sex with anyone anymore but doesn't want a relationship either he just wants to be single..


He dumped me, broke my heart was horrible to me.. he has done things with 4 other guys already as well and i have done nothing!


what is my ex playing at, why ask me go the beach? why even text me saying i was in his dream? i just don't understand

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Nobody can play games with your head unless you allow him to. It doesn't matter why he does what he does, although I would guess he likes the attention from you and also wants to keep the door open in case his other situations don't work out. If him contacting you and inviting you places keeps reopening the wound for you, then you need to stay away from each other for a little while. Maybe you can become friends down the line but if you still have feelings for him, it will continue to be painful if he is in your life but not wanting any more from you.

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Bullet is right. You're giving up all your power by even responding. Obviously you are not over him as you agreed to go to the beach with him. In no way is this fair to you. You should also stick up for yourself? People will only treat you how you allow them to treat you. Have some boundaries, and love yourself more! You're a great person and you don't need to put up with that. You're gonna find someone else that's better for you. You can go, but as I just said... don't let anyone just trample all over you. You're better than that! If you're not that's where you need to get. See how it goes, and if it doesn't go the way you want it, then put a stop to it.

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