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alone again naturall but in love


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Do you still remember a line of a song? alone again naturally.... well I am in that situation right now but let me add one word: alone again, naturally and still in love.

I met this guy and I have great expectations since he let me see a facade who he really was. He was playing around with my feeling and by that i got those dreams of having him myself for the rest of my life. But again I am alone for the nth time because he left me with another gal and leaving me so in love with him. How canI have a real love? a date that won't play around with my feelings. Or I am that to easy to get girl? Hope in the near future I won't be alone and in love. Hey, you guys share something here it might ease the loneliness I am going through. Thanks I'll be waiting for it. Thanks again.

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my girlfriend left me almost a week ago played with my feelings for a week saying she wanted space so i left her then we met up convinced me everything was ok i stayed over we slept together then when she woke up she said she wasnt happy anymore and didnt feel the way she should i went through a week of hell giving her space because i thought it was worth it.

Im finding it hard and my previous girlfriend before my ex ran off with someone down south all i can tell you is that when that happened you have to think if he ran off with someone else its not worth it and you deserve more than that. i hope you feel better soon


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My ex and I had an argument one night, minor, but still had one. She left, slept with some other guy. Didn't know this for the 3 days she kept me hanging on. Broke up with me one morning, found out through a mutual friend she'd left me for him! That was 2 weeks ago, and I've had NC up for about a week.


Some people are just pathetic. But there's always someone nice out there that'll be able to take full advantage of how much I love them, and everything I have to offer in a relationship (My first love, I planned to propose to her on the Eiffel tower. Hopeless romantic) It'll get better I hope!

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