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''When life calls your name...


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...and says Wake Up!.''


Today, I got one of those calls, where you realize how cool it is to be here. How happy you're to be alive. You put aside all the negative or positive, your feelings are not provoked by your surroundings, but by your own understanding of things. When someone smiles at you, you feel nothing, yet you feel happy, because from within of yourself you appreciate the smile. You're happy to witness it, to see those long blond hair of a lady that's passing by blowing in the wind, birds flying over your head, clouds slowly rolling accross the sky. As if being emotionally detached from every single thing or act and the feelings that were instilled in you over the years for those certain things or acts. Everything's neutral. And then you set the mood of your day yourself, the outer world is not condition to your happiness.


You feel how monstrous life is, but you don't feel little, nor afraid, nor shy. You feel equal to it, equal to its greatness. You become the life itself and you appreciate right this every moment. Not the coffee with your friend in an hour from now. But now, and the moment right after now. Your problems, your worries, anything bothering you just goes away as the only thought on your mind is that you're still alive right here, right now. And you go with no regrets, you go as you should have gone so long ago.


If you ever experienced such feeling, you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't yet, when you do, don't let go of it.


Here's my wish to you all, do your best and be the best that you can be every single moment of your life!

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