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Is this too good to be true?


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I've been trying to work towards something with this girl for a few weeks. She already knows that I like her, but she's been trying to take things slow. She's been a little flakey for some complicated reasons (she didn't open up to me at first). I don't feel like getting into specifics about what kept her so busy but the thing is she finally opened up to me and I told her she doesn't have to hide things from me i want to get closer to her. She's already told me she likes a lot about my personality she finds me really smart and funny and we made plans to go see a movie either tomorrow or Friday she has to see how things work out but she told me she likes how flexible I am. I really feel like things are going my way but I'm just not sure. Thoughts?

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Are you saying since her and I have grown a little closer to eachother it's working out?


Everybody's not an open book like you and I might be. You've given her enough time for you to finally grow on her and it's paid off. So it doesn't matter if before she was closed up like a healed wound. Right now she's into you.

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Nope you were right I guess I was supposed to go to a fair with her today then the movies but she just didn't go and ignored me for no reason =( I walked around 3 hours by myself like an idiot


She stood you up? Say goodbye. Show some self-respect and stop chasing her around.

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