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Love my wife, but not romantically anymore, love my son like crazy, love women.


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Weight gain is not the only thing that changes after pregnancy. There are the stretch marks that never go away, the skin is never as tight as it used to be because it was stretched so far... I can go on. yes, I do agree that people should take care of their appearance, but to say that it is an obligation towards their spouse, like their spouse somehow owns their body? That just doesn't seem right to me. People should care about their appearance for themselves, not for someone else.


I can't even imagine telling my hypothetical future husband that he needs to in shape because he is obligated to look good for me, like he's some trophy to carry on my arm. =/

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Dont break your sons mothers heart in the form of cheating. They will find out, he will see his mom cry, and he will remember it forever.


YOULL be the bad guy.


I would see a therapist before making any rash decisions.


and yes, i agree with the midlife crisis thing.

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i hope you grow a set and leave your wife, so that she may find someone else who will truly love her...or even just to be free to be her and not be trapped with someone who devalues her so much


she stuck by you and gave you your son who you love more than anyone, including her, only to have it thrown back in her face because she stretched carrying him for 9 months, and her breasts were ready to nurture him, and have now sagged


but then i suppose youre a 40year old adonnis huh??


you come accross as very superficial and shallow so i would say go have your lil mid life crisis...maybe you will see that the beauty you desire really is only skin deep.

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