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I've been trying to formulate my thoughts and I hope this impacts at least one person toward moving on.


On the subject of NC... I cannot stress enough how big of a difference it makes.


My ex broke up with me on the 6th. We've been NC since then. Well, NC as in neither of us msged each other, I'd blocked him on Facebook, etcetc... However, I kept checking on his Twitter up until 2 days ago. And I CANNOT say enough how HELPFUL it has been. I'd been obsessing over what I'd lost, kept looking for little hints about what was going on with him, how was he, did he miss me... and the fact of the matter is, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HE THINKS. HE left me. Why would he deserve my thoughts, my time, my pain? He didn't think I was worth being with. So why was I hanging on? Even though we were NC, I was still obsessing over him... WHY?


So being off the Twitter updates... has made it EXPONENTIALLY easier to get over him, and I STRONGLY urge EVERYONE going through a break up to go FULL NC. YES, it hurts. YES, it sucks. But your dumper DOES NOT DESERVE YOUR THOUGHTS. They don't deserve a SECOND of your time. They aren't God. They aren't perfect. They aren't one in a million. They broke your heart. If they really WERE your soul mate, they wouldn't have done that to you. So do yourself a favor and just GET OVER THEM. You will meet someone SO much better. Someone who won't hurt you like that.


Go NC. Seriously. Hanging on to someone who dumped you just isn't worth it.


I hope this helps even just one person.

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I did this to my ex girlfriend i went dead cold no contact on her it does work wonders i still think about her but when i saw our msn convo that was stored on my laptop today i didn't get upset like i usually would, i just didn't care. To everyone having heart break go full NC on that person and stop caring.

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Angiecbc thanls that helped and it is so true, my ex doesn't deserve one single thought from me, even though the breakup circulates my mind I know that I'll have to forget and give it up, thinking about it over and over again will bring us nowhere, it's really really wasted mental energy, you can think and repeat stuff in your mind a million times through out the day but what's the point? No point & nothing will happen no matter how much you thought about it!

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