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So my boyfriend of 2 and half years have a lot of history,

i care for him alot and have strong feelings unfortunetly he dumps me over every little fight and argument we have. As if he has no problem dumping me. it shocks me that someone can treat someone like that, he'll

say hurtful things, " i'm fed up " , " i don't wanna talk to you" , " that im a horrible person" etc.

im so stuck, i care for him but i'm tiered of being treated like this. He's the only one i have, i dont have friends because of one bad ex friend who turned my so called friends againest me..

No support system just because my parents don't know i'm dating, so i'm pretty much alone.


He hangs up the phone on my if i start crying cuz he said he doesn't feel sorry for people who cry and he says im

annoying when i cry.


I dont know what to do, i want to stay because i care for him and that i don't have anyone else on my side but i jus can't keep living like this anymore i'm an emotional mess. I sound like im desperate... i know. i just don't know what to do, i live in a small city its extremly hard to make friends and get over him.


Advice please. thanks for reading.

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Yeah, I agree, it's a form of control and manipulation. If you know he'll break up with you - even though it carries no real weight, since he does it weekly basically - when you raise a complaint, then you'll stop raising complaints. He sounds very immature and insensitive, to be honest.

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