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im not saying exactly are ages but are above 18


What do you do for a living? Do you have a job? does he? Don't either of you ever have to go out of town for work? If he is over 18, he just has to say, "I don't want to go" to his parents and that is it, end of story. Does he have his own place or does he live with them?

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its true i dont wana go.... but i will do something to stop going.... i love sarah jane more than anything in this world... no one can stop that... i dont want this holiday... i want her and her only...


You act like she's going to dissaper while you are gone. She isn't. She will still be there.

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If your 19, act like it. Being away from someone for 11 days is not going to kill you. Do you really think it's a mature decision to bail on your family like this? No, it's not. Were exactly do you plan on staying while your family is out of the country? How will you eat? How will you get to see your girlfriend?

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but still i know its not up to me but he cant leave me he cant go on holiday i love him more then anything and i will feel soo lost without him around we practically see eachother everyday and it will not feel right..


I promise you in 2 years, you will want the time apart. It's the honeymoon phase of s relationship, it ends. The all do.

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