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Right, I've gone insane!!!


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Had a good day at work really busy which helped take my mind off things! About 2mins before end of the shift I decide to write down the interactions I've had with her over the past few weeks (this is how I started)


After I wrote the interactions down that I had with her which were little after NC. I then added the interactions down that she'd had with the BF during the same time, (Facebook's a wonderful thing.) then I did the same thing for her best mate.


At the end I had a list of every possible interaction she'd had over the weeks! I then started to annotate each event and started to read into stuff that had been said and how it effected the situation, I came up with the theory that the rebound isn't living up to the dream and she's having 2nd thoughts.


This is obvious BS and I've just gone insane


Please tell me someone else has done this before, or i'm going to check myself into the mental home!!!

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Haha.... A little over two months ago I sat down and went through the getting back together section and compiled all the results to figure out what the most likely time frames were. So yeah, we've all done some odd ball stuff like this. Our brains have been thrown into chaos and they are searching for predictive information.

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It's normal your brain is just still looking for answers/hope. Just keep telling yourself it's over and move on. Tell yourself you don't need this person. You love yourself and that's all you really need in the world. You aren't going insane or need to check yourself in a mental home, but it really isn't necessary to do what you're doing. It is just a part of your brain dealing with the hurt still.

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Heh, while my boyfriend and I were apart during a BU that he initiated, I did something like that...wrote down a list of our recent interactions, and I even rated them on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being "He Hates Me For Life" and 10 being "Hell, Yeah, I Think He Wants Me Back!", lol...yes, it's just one of those things that Dumpees do to gain some measure of hope. As someone else suggested, next time try to make a list of something positive about yourself, like, ways you have improved since the BU, or things you would -like- to improve. In any case, no, you're not insane, just very thorough.

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