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I've Had A Front Seat To Suicide

Clint Cora

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Okay, I can appreciate the trenches that folks are in when contemplating suicide but I've had a front seat to suicide twice so in a way, I have direct experience to share. Hopefully, this will be of use to some of you.


I've lost two people personally to suicide. One was a childhood friend I grew up with. The other was my own mother. Two main points I would like to make here.


1) Don't think suicide just involves you. The other people in your life WILL be affected PERMANENTLY. Just ask the so called suicide survivors out there.


2) Getting over issues require many pieces of the pie. You must take advantage of EVERY possible tool or resource out there to help you. Don't rely on any one thing like counselling or medication. You need to do everyting at once for the best chances of success and you do need to have a professional to spearhead this process for you. If your issues are deep enough that you are contemplating suicide, you can be assured that these issues will not be resolved on your own. You NEED a team to help you and should not be ashamed of this. After all, I'm assuming you pay taxes so it's your right to get all the help you deserve.


Good luck on recovery.

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