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Happiest Moment in Relationship


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I would like to hear about your happiest moment in any relationship you had. It could be your current one or the ones before.


Mine is when we were on Rialto Bridge in Venice at an April evening with my current gf. I was very tired, nervous and I felt a sudden urge to cry. I told her I sometimes need this just to get rid of my negative emotions. Then she takes out a little red glass heart from her pocket and gives it to me. When I see it, I start bursting in tears and words "I love you." spill from my mouth. She whispers the same in my ear and kisses the tears running down my cheeks. That is the first and the most unforgettable moment I told her that I love her and really felt it running through my veins.

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I'd had a really busy day, meeting a deadline with a freelancing job, grocery shopping, taking my mother to the doctor. I get back and my husband has made dinner and already washed the dishes.........it was a moment of pure bliss!!!!!!!

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The day my high school crush turned college gf left me. And no, I'm not joking. At the time I was devastated; it wasn't a messy breakup, and I've never had bad feelings towards her. But because of the breakup, I was able to focus on school and got great grades and am totally happy with the direction my life is taking now.

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Not sure what you mean by that?


I've always been told (By parents of multiple children) that the first child is always the one that's the most special. For obvious reasons, not that it should create a competition, because it's a wonderful part of life. Trying not to sound like a tool with this haha.

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For me i have two which are the 2 moments i remember most and will never ever ever forget.....


the first was the day my son was born....was the longest day of my life, but the most rewarding, when i finally had him in my arms, and we were a familly, i remember the texts we were having when i had to leave the hospital, she was telling me how she couldnt have done it without me by her side...and i was telling her how she was the most amazing woman i knew, and that what she had done, giving life to our family....words just cant compare....we were so so so in love then......when we split up......she said to me im sorry that we are over, im sorry i got caught up having a kid with you......still she cant take my memories away...they may be fake for her....but they were the happiest of my life.


and the second was the day i proposed......we have a special beach...i arranged for letters to be delivered to her at different times in the day, with the most special moments of the 8 years we had been together, and how she made me feel about them, they ultimately led her to our fave beach, where i was waiting in the rain, brolly, champagne, her fave music and the ring.....there is a really long walk down the cliff side to the beach, we were the only ones crazy enough to be on there, i remember spotting this dot...in the distance, sprinting down the cliff as fast as she could....haha....then when she reached the bottom she raced accross the beach and dived into my arms crying her eyes out, i gave her one last letter, which basically said how much she meant to me.....then i got on one knee, put on her fave music, and asked her to marry me....i never ever ever ever saw her as happy as she was that day......amazing, brings tears to my eyes thinking about it....


6 months after that proposal she ended it....9 months after that...proposal she texts to say she was seeing someone new.....7 months since our bu....and its a dead stick now....the only thing we have together...is our son....


very sad....but memories that make me smile, memories nobody can take away, memories i can tell my son about, memories that will come with me to my grave.




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