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Why has my ex said this to me now? Don't know what to think, help :(

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Basically.. My ex text me this morning out of the blue..(We have been splitt up for 2 months now) we have done the NC thing for about a couple of weeks now propperly with the odd text here and there..


However, my ex randomly text me this morning saying 'you was in my dream last night, it was just me and you on a night out it was good'..


I was like why are you saying this to me its just a dream there was no need to text me? so we were texting each other for abit, and it got to the point were he said his new car is coming in a few days and he just wants to go the beach, i asked him what he meant by that and he said he wants to go the beach with me in his new car? but he knows it will be a bad idea as we are both doing well moving on..


I told him that i would think more of it, and i could never see him as a friend, i just can't see him in that way..


So he text me back saying 'I know.. its hard but i think we will be good friends in the future? we had that special bond didnt we?, i can't explain it. X'


I haven't text back.. i don't want to because im staying strong now, he has messed me around to much now so im not giving in and texting him back, but what do i think of that? i really wanna go the beach with him but i know it would be a bad idea becuase ill think more of it, and even he knows it would be a bad idea but he still said it, he said just forget it.. why has he done this? why randomly text me and say that, then we have a chat and says he wants go the beach with me but he knows it will be a bad idea because he doesn't want to 'ruin my progress im making'.. im so confused i've been doing so well aswell at moving on, even though its still hard.. and i know this has just messed up my head now.. advice?

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I think it shows you that YES - they do all think of us at some point... not always enough to want us back but they don't forget us...


But, its painful when you are reminded that they don't indeed want you back. I wouldn't be afraid to set up boundaries - kudos to you for NC!!! But, don't be afraid to actually say "hey, thanks for letting me know you are thinking of me but I'd actually prefer it if you continued not to contact me unless you really want try reconciling, thanks".


All you can really do at this point forward is get back on the treadmill of moving on. Next time a text like that comes accross... just ignore it... it really is empowering by the way to know you can get a text and be like "whatever"... cause you know deep down if he really wants you back he won't stop at one text.



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