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life is pointless


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Everything is crashing my job my living situation and I pushed away the love of my life I hate my self I'm preying she is pregnant but she really doesn't want it how can I stay positive for a baby that she doesn't want to carry.I cant afford my counsler I'm just ready to go it all gets worst it never gets better just fake smiles for a few days I'm waiting for God but if a random person shoots me then its gods time right I just don't get it. I have zero reasons to try

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Life is pointless by default. Until we give it some meaning.


If you wanna have a kid, adopt one. If you wanna have that feeling of pride of being a biological father of the kid, find another girl that wants to have kids. Job is a temporary thing, you lose one you find another, living situation is conditioned by many things, but YOU are the ultimate one.


I don't understand why you and people in general, wonder ''how they can stay positive''.. As if staying positive required some effort. Does staying negative require effort? Why do you never hear people say ''how can I stay negative?''... But since we're at it, here's how.. cut the f all that negativity out of your life. Because life is life, it's neutral, it's not bad, it's not good, it's what you think it is. So you better start thinking something nice and get out of that negative mood before you turn into one of those toxic people .

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@he: that was incredibly rude and unhelpful. when someone is down, you don't kick them. there is a such thing as constructive criticism, but yours is not such. it is just criticism. please take it elsewhere.


@mrd: hang in there if you can. jobs will pass, as will girls. you have one good reason to try: yourself. you can try to change the things that you have control over, and hope/pray that the things you don't have control over can go the right way. if this girl has been taken out of your life for a reason, maybe it is for a good reason, although it may be hard to see now.


I don't feel He2Him's post was rude/unhelpful at all, and how can you tell another member to leave a thread? Both of you seemed to say the same thing anyway. Moving on, as someone who was once suicidal, I needed a good kick here and there, and it helped. Such a kick helped me to buckle down and analyze my life, where I found a pattern consistent with bipolar II disorder. With treatment, I've not felt that way for years now.


As for MrD90, if you really believed life was pointless, you wouldn't have bothered posting here. You clearly want help. When my bipolar II symptoms were out of control, I pushed away a very important woman in my life, and I've not been able to find her to apologize, and maybe rekindle what we'd had. Here's how I see it: If I find her, it'll be romantic, but if I don't, I believe I'll walk down the street one day, a different woman will run into me, and not long after, we won't be able to keep our hands off each other. It's win-win.


What does this have to do with you? Maybe nothing, but it's something to think about.


PS: Since you mentioned it, I've been a victim of random gun violence myself. Only two things saved me: The shooter had jammed the gun barrel into a plastic soda bottle (a makeshift silencer), which slowed down the bullet, and my leather jacket, which slowed the bullet even more. It hit me in the back, and I could've been paralyzed, or worse, otherwise. Also, around 70% of gunshot wounds are in limbs or nonlethal areas, so if you get shot, you're probably more likely to get paralyzed. Then, you're as depressed as you are now, and you also can't move. Cross the wish to be shot off your list.

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Just read what you are going through. I understand when all things are not going the way you want them to. Job lost fine, you will get another. And for living situations too can change, but about the love of your life as you have put it, i would suggest you to; sit down with her, seriously come to a decision about the baby. Find out whats on her mind, which is very important.Once you have done with the talks, respect the decision taken and abide by it. About being positive, i would suggest you to first calm yourself and analyse the situations at hand, talk to somebody who is close to you. Have a open minded talks with her, which would help you understand the situations well.

Do not give up on anything.



Let me know if this has helped.

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