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A Short Post:: Please Help Me out! I Plead for any sort of advice!! :(


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I asked out a girl who was close to me...she liked me too my gal frnd (mutual) n elder sis say the same, coz her actions were so. she had broken up with her bf 2 months ago. i helped her with her bff...thru it all. and she trusted me most coz i understood her very well n have never lied to her. she knows it too. we used to text each other until we slept, late into the night. everyday.


she used to say that she'd never enter into a relation again. but when i askd her out she didn tell me a No..she blushed n was smiling n avoiding my sight, when i half described my feelings for her but told her that i knew she wasnt ready for a relation yet..she understood that too. she asked for more time n then we saw each other almost everyday at her place.we were comfortable with each other at tht time, like there was no such talk ever occurred. it was going great. i gifted her a pendant, which she said was beautiful n liked it. she was worried abt her first job which she believes wouldn leave time for anythin else.


she was to go away fr a month, she called me the night before & asked me to if i had anything else to say, stn i wished to talk to her abt...she was referrin to my feelings. i said Nothing. i didn tell her anything coz i didn want her to go to her dream job with heavy thoughts on her mind. coz i knew i could make her rethink it just by talkin to her. coz she was giving it a serious thought for the past few days(my gal frnd confirmed it). if there was no such feeling frm her side, a possibility, then she certainly wouldnt have wasted her time thinking abt it. Which girl would?!

n then asking me to describe my feelings again for her...they said she was in doubt n i didnt clear it for her.

after that, she told me " then..i told u that i dont want any relation AS OF NOW, right.. i dont want nyone to wait for me man, you know i dont like to mak som1 wait." i took it like it was nothing to me. i joked around later just to hide my hurt. she was surprised at how i handled it. we then talked abt other stuff n i ended the call.


she s now awy for a month..its the 4th day now.. & m keping NC/ mininal contact..she still texts me n then on 3rd day, when i wasnt busy..she didn text me at all...my frnd forced me to txt her, she replied almost immediately with enthu & later aked how i was doing. n if my mood was fine now. i told her i was just busy frm past few days..she said "ok fine..keep yourself busy. she still cares for me. czo she texted my frnd asking her if i was doing fine.

My sis n frnd think that i still have a good shot at this..coz she did like me too n such feelings die hard, not in a month..it was just bad timing..she wants me to talk to her when she returns... but hw do i keep NC if she keeps texting me?..she may think already that i am avoiding her..so i feel she didnt initiate a text with me on the 3rd day..what do you feel i should do now?? i love her a lot n she did like me too, what can i do to make this work again. i know i can make her understand when we talk face to face. Advice me please..

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Ignore women's words. Pay attention only to their actions. The next time you see her, just go up to her and kiss her. Watch her reaction. Her reaction will tell you everything.


Honestly, I think you missed your window of opportunity here. My advice is to start dating lot's of other women. Life on this planet is short, date lot's of women. You sound too young to waste time on 1 woman.


1) She trusts you = Safe, boring, and friendzone

2) Telling a woman your feelings = friendzone

3) Her telling you that she can't enter a relationship is her way of being nice and saying, "You're my friend. I could never be romantically involved with you. But for the right guy I totally could!"

4) Generally, when you see a women you like, you need to kiss her within 48 hours or you're in the friendzone for life.

5) When you ask a woman out, if she's really into you (romantically and physically), she'll say "Yes!" - Actions not words tell all.

6) She hasn't outright rejected you because she's a nice girl and nice girls don't hurt a guy by rejecting him

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