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Can't orgasm


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Idk why, but it hurts so bad when I'm about to orgasm. I can't really feel the inside feeling as much. My fiance would try to get my to orgasm by stimulating my clitoris and it gets me close but then it feel like it's burning. I don't have any STD's or anything like that. Everything looks normal except the fact that I have a longer clitoris than most girls. I just feel like sex isn't gratifying to me because I can't orgasm.

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I don't know much about female orgasms because I am a guy haha. I do know this, your sex organ isn't between your legs it is between your ears. Your last sentence is very telling:


I just feel like sex isn't gratifying to me because I can't orgasm.


Again your sex organ is your brain and there appears to be a catch 22 situation happening. Making having an orgasm a goal and feeling stressed about not achieving one is probably what is preventing you from having one in the first place no matter how hard you physically try to stimulate it. Set that goal aside, and have fun with your partner in bed, it may just happen naturally.

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I try to just go with it, but it literally feels like down there is on fire and I have to tell him to stop.Nothing worked. Not vibrators, not having sex while stimulating me, not lotions, nothing. My fiance feels like he failed me because he wants me to feel good. Sex has never really felt like anything to me. I never really had an "omg this is amazing feeling." And it was the same with my 2 exes. And none of them were small. My fiance is TMI! 9 1/2".

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I know this is probably a really dumb question, but are you sure you're doing it right? (stimulation of clitoris). I only ask because (on another message board) it is rather surprising how many girls are not at all familiar with their own anatomy and how everything looks and works. You talk of a burning sensation/feeling on fire. I can't imagine how this happens, unless something is being done wrong. Are you talking about feeling on fire internally, or externally?

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No I can't orgasm by myself. Sadly =[ I can't even get close.


Unfortunately, if you can't come on your own, then it will be highly unlikely you will with a partner.


BUT, you're very young, so you have time to work this out.


I would go see your gyn, get a thorough checkup just to make sure you don't have something going on, and then you'll just have to learn to practice on your own. It's how most people.


On the burning - I still contend you're not properly lubricated. If your BF is large (9 1/2"?? Really? I hope that thing isn't thick to boot!), and is just thrusting away as only a 19-year old boy will and you're not wet as hell, then yeah, it will burn and sting like you're being ripped open.

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Just when he stimulates my clit. I'm plenty lubed lol I usually have to wear pantie liners on an average day.


Both of these are uncool. Definitely see a gyn pronto. If you have that much discharge that you're wearing a liner daily, then you most likely have an STD.


I thought you had vaginal burning from intercourse. Clitoral stimulation is causing you internal burning? I'm perplexed.

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When I got for my annuals, everything is fine. I never brought up the fact I can't orgasm though.

If you are having discomfort, Pain, or presistent trouble, It wouldnt hurt to raise the issue in confidence with your Healthcare provider. There may be something that eluded the normal ruite exam or perhaps they can offer some advice.

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