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I've been seeing this guy for a few months now. At first I was really unsure about him but a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I like him


For a while I was pretty sure that he liked me. The signals seemed clear: he'd always pay for EVERYTHING, even when I insisted that I could pay. Whenever we'd be walking, he'd put his arm around me. We'd kiss goodbye. One time I hung out with him for 6-7 hours straight and when I finally told him I had to go, he was sad. He would always ask me to hang out, etc.

A couple of weeks ago I finally confessed to him that I liked him. He told me that he never realized that I did like him (probably because during all of the times before that, I was pretty friend vibe most of the time since I wasn't sure of my own feelings toward him). That conversation ended up with us falling asleep together and cuddling. He left in the morning.

This past Thursday we hung out for the first time in a group. It was one of our best nights ever. We were SO comfortable around each other (as we always are) and he would do cute things like kiss my head, take my head between his hands, etc. We kissed/made out/danced. When I told him I had to go to the bathroom, he asked me if I wanted him to come with me. When I said I did, he led me through the crowd and waited for me outside of the restroom. After we left, he bought my food and ended up staying the night again. He totally respects my boundaries as the time before I told him I wasn't sure I was ready to have sex with him yet. When he stayed the night this time, we made out of course but he didn't even try to go further. Again we just ended up cuddling and he left in the morning and kissed me goodbye.


My problem is this: before I realized I liked him, I didn't mind not talking to him a lot. I wasn't sure of my feelings and it was easy to call him up and see him. Now I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks. We've never really texted extensively OR had conversations over the phone. We'd always just text each other little things to keep in touch and the rest of the time it was ALWAYS in person.


I'm pretty sure that he likes me, but I guess I just thought that once I finally confessed I liked him, the usual cute "crushing texts" would commence, especially because I'll be gone for two weeks and won't see him. I really want to keep in touch while I'm gone in SOME way shape or form but that'll be really new for us as we usually do everything in person. I'm sure that he likes me (I think?) haha but I'm scared to mention that I'd to "take it a little further" and keep in contact while I'm gone. I sort of feel like it'll come out of left field for him since I went from giving him friend vibes to suddenly liking him. But we already made plans to get together as soon as I got back.


The other weird thing is is the other day I decided to initiate our texts since I wanted to talk to him. I wasn't sure how to go about it so I just mentioned a little inside joke we had from Thursday night. He responded once and then I wrote back and then he never wrote back again! I don't think he meant it as a slam but it makes me apprehensive to text again.


What does anyone else think? It'd be so much easier to have this conversation in person but that's not an option as I'll be on vacation for two weeks. What should I do? How should I let him know that I want to go from not really talking that much in between visits (which would be like a week in between the times we'd see each other with little texts here and there but nothing huge) to talking a little more often? I get so scared in situations like these.


Thank you!

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Hi there.


Glad that you've already made plans to see each other again. That must be comforting for you to know. It seems as though the problem you're facing is just how to deal with missing him while you're away on vacation. That is normal and just see it as a learning experience. Be smart and don't make it a bad experience for him, e.g. don't get hurt, mad or offended if he doesn't reply enough. I think it is quite clear that you are almost, if not already, bf and gf which is great. Don't rock the steady boat, I say!


I think the best thing you could do while you're away would be too text him short texts here and there .e.g after an eventful day/before you sleep, just to let him know that you're thinking of him and tell him what you did. He will appreciate the contact and won't think that you're off with some holiday romance.


Remember that men are not as into communication as we women are. You only need to worry if he doesn't contact you (such as in my case).


Good luck and have a nice vacation.

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Aw, thanks so much! This was really nice to read. Actually tonight I had a bit of a run in with him. I was with my friend, had my phone in my pocket, looked down and he was calling me. Like I said we never really talk on the phone or anything because we always see each other in person so I thought it was bit weird. I didn't answer him so I called back. Apparently I'd accidentally misdialed him when my phone was in my pocket. I told him, "Sorry! I think I must have just accidentally misdialed you!" after he told me that I called him but didn't say anything. When I told him I misdialed he said, "Oh. Figures." I know he says that because he would never expect me to call him but I don't know if that means he would appreciate or want a call or what. Ugh. So confusing!


I think I will do as you said though and just send nice little texts along the way. That's perfect because I wouldn't be able to have full-on phone conversations (as someone suggested I do) because I'd be with family but I wanted at least SOME way to keep in touch a little bit during the two weeks while I was away.


Thanks again!

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