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5 yr realationship.. 8 months pregnant, n he turns his back


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4 weeks ago i left my b.f of 5 years.. he was more than happy with that outcome. i left because i could not afford to be payin for the both of us and tryin to save and buy things to prepare for the arrival of my bubz ( july 16 ) when i rented this place we arranged that he had 2 months to get a job or get some sort of centerlink payments.. 5 months went and he hadnt done * * * * . so i left because i couldnt take it anymore and i know he had been speakin to this other girl. when i left i was very upset.. i didnt want to but i felt unwanted, used and i had to for my bubs.. i could not buy the things i needed for him while payin for me and his father. so i left.

that was 4 weeks ago and now hiis in a realtionship to this other girl ( that he has gotn pregnant b.f but she did not go through with it, but enjoyed * * * in with our relationship ) . he hasnt called me to see how i am.. work things out for our son, to come to my classes with me.. support me, ask how the last feew weeks of my pregnancy r going, he has just completely forgotn about his son. he just doesnt give a * * * . oh as soon as i left the place he got of his ass and got centerlink payments! n also occationally works. I LEFT BECAUSE OF THAT STRESS OF HIM HAVING NOTHING, AND NOW THAT HE HAS SOMETHING HE WONT HELP.

if i go to court i want the judge to see that he does not care, that he planned to have this baby n then just turned his back. i have paid for everything for my son and thats cool.. the father hasnt even bought a dummy hasnt spent a cent. just why should he have any rights to be able to see my son when its good for him. if my son wants to see him one day thats fine, but why should the dad just be able to come and go as he pleases. he came to all my docters and ultrasound appointments.. he saw our bubs face.. felt him kicking in my tummy... how can any human turn there back on something so special, there own flesh n blood.


i just dont know what to do... n i want to stop thinking about it but i cant

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Hey butterfingerz,


Here's the blunt start-off: some people are stupid about children, regardless of gender. It sounds like this guy is a deadbeat and not worth your time for a relationship.


However, he may be worth your time to get child support from. Consult with a family lawyer about your situation and see what they say. Hopefully you have some clear documentation of your 5-year relationship (shared bills, both names on a lease - as much as possible) to make it clear that the decision was because of the child.


It certainly sounds like you made a good decision, though; from the sound of it you're well rid of him. I applaud the strength it must have taken to leave him. Keep the memory of your capability in mind as you make the life you want and need for yourself and your child.


Good luck, and may you find contentment.


Light and laughter,


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Was he being reliable and working, when you planned this pregnancy?


I'm sorry to hear that you're in this situation, but he sounds very immature and will likely end up being nothing but a sperm donor to numerous women, at the rate he's going. I would raise this baby on my own, and wouldn't hesitate to hit him up for child support. He needs to face the consequences, and at the same time reap what he sows.


I hope your baby is healthy and happy...

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