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hi everyone i need serious help here asap!!

lovehurts 07

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hey everyone i'm 20 years old and i had a boyfriend for 10 months who was 18 he only recently turned 19 but before his birthday he had broken up with me, i was never in a serious relationship before and things were really great between us but only when i moved out with 2 girls things started to go downhill i think it was because i was so uncomfortable living with these girls that he had sensed that, anyway i was in a really bad way because i had no energy because my iron levels were low, i didn't know what was wrong with me and i just lay depressed because of not knowing what was wrong with me and because of the way these girls had treated me, i txt my boyfriend saying i think we should break up through a txt but i didnt know any better because of the position i was in and a guy that i didn't even know kept puttin stuff in my head about him and i was very gullible, anyway he broke up with me at the end of the month of may, he told my friend that he loves me though, i wished him a happy birthday and he thanked me and i just didn't contact him then and i haven't seen or heard from him since what should i do?your help will be very much appreciated!

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Well what are you asking?


What to do to get him back? Really nothing, you sent the initial text, you planted it, and he had the power to do it. I would say just move on...BUT


If you want to send out a feeler, just send him a nice text asking him if he would like to talk, and see if there is a way to try again...don't pressure him at all...but try to make him feel like he wants it too.

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on how to handle the situation better because his cousin died in January i was depressed with my own family problems, i don't think txtin him would be the answer i think he might need his space and i did tell him it wasnt to do with me wanting to break up with him when i first sent that text so any ideas?

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