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Will he ever come back?

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You won't know. Thats like 90% of the reason all of us go through heartbreak, its the loss and unknown. Try to move on with your life, leave him be for a bit, and life will happen as it does. Some come back, some don't, and it depends on your ex's personality, the relationship.. so many things and we don't know.


It's true they come back when it's too late. Mine did so its off personal experience.

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my ex broke up with me cuz he doesnt think he'll be good for me in the future,, how can i show him he will be?


You're 16 years old. He's a drop-out drug abuser.


It's not for you to show him anything at all. It's his responsibility to show you he's going to become something other than a loser. That, or prepare for a future that includes visiting him once a month in prison.

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