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So its been a little over three weeks since we broke up and its been a kind of rollercoaster. Some days im feeling sad and down and others im completely over it. Now, I developed this little stupid habit of checking his facebook almost daily and sokme of the stuff I see makes my heart drop. I already got the courage after three weeks to unfriend him but that dosen't stop me from checking. Now I find out he's going to the movies with someone(hes being a * * * * imo) and all of those feelings came back and I feel a bit betrayed. I decided today thqat I was going to give him back all of his stuff(bears, shirts, letters etc) to finally break the line between us.


Also, not sure if I shouldmention this but me anda friend were looking forward to going to this festival downtown in july and now I find out he's going to(he dosen't even like that kind of music????). I somehow feel like he's ruining it for me and im second guessing if I want to go. Is


Bottom line, is there any way to get over this? It sucks that facebook exsits at the moment lol

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Time works wonders. And stop checking up on him. Just throw out all the stuff he gave you, no need to give it back. You'll just be setting yourself up for more heartache.


I wouldn't go to theconcert. If you run into him it will hurt. Just lay low for a bit until you are feeling stronger.

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