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Advice please on how to make this work..


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I asked out a girl who was close to me..i knew her frm 5 moths.., she was just 2 months outta a relation & she had the resolve not to enter one again. i knew coz i helped her alongwith her bff, to overcome her troubles n she knows it too....the timing was bad. she would hav said a direct NO if she didnt like it...i know her..but she asked for more time to think about it & was blushing when i asked her out...she also knows that i understood her perfectly & that i hav never lied to her..she trust me blindly...she liked me too..but it was too early.. we moved around freely after that talk....it was fun...i gifted her a pendant which she liked too n said it was beautiful & thankd me...

she was to go away for a month on her first job with her bff....she said that prev night that she wanted to talk to me & when i called her...she asked me to elaborate more on my feelings..."do u hv anythin else to tell me? stn you wish to tell me abt?" i didnt coz i cared for her & i knew i could make her rethink it again, without much effort..but i didn want her to go to her dream job with a clouded mind & heavy in thots....i cared that much for her she then said to me " then....i want to tell you stn...i told you that i wasnt ready to enter a relation AS OF NOW, right? ...i dont want anybody to wait for me...i dont like it man." i took it cooly & too much of casual attitude...thoh i was hurting like crazy, coz she cares a lot abt me & even if i showd a hint of sadness...she would feel sad too. i did it for her career & out of love for her.


before leaving the next day...i saw her off n she hugged the group n then me, but said: "*name* please take care. you have promised me....I will find a way to keep in touch with you." & then txtd my mutual frnd "plz take care of him"..this frnd n my sis tell me that if i had told her how i really felt that day & had not put up a poker face, then she would have accepted you coz she actually gave you it a thought for a few days (my frnd confirmed dat she was doin so)..i should have made her understand hw serious i was abt it n they tell me that i still do have another last shot. cut all contact frm her for 1 month & then "talk to her when she returns, properly talk to her..tell her everything abt how you feel..she has given a lot of hints that she liked you too!"...she now has gone away fr a month..its just 3 days yet.. n she textd me everyday, made it look like i was busy n she accepted..but she didnt text me at all today n was doing so, to the rest of the group..my frnd forced me to txt her..she replied with enthu almost immideatly.."Hi *name*! its nice here. hows you?" but then she asked me later if my mood was fine now..i told her i was just busy with stuff frm past few days n my mood was just fine...so she replied "Ok fine... keep yourself busy.. i then cut it with a sense of humor & bid her goodnight & then so did she..

What do i do? avoid her or just respond to msgs? coz if i respond..we will talk for sure & then i might be friend boxed..we earlier used to text each other late into the night till sleep, everyday!..she said she texted me the most.


What do i do to make this work out? no contact at all? coz she is with her bff, (earlier on me n her BFF were the only two person whom she trusted with her secrets & troubles..but i wasnt her bff, i knew. we were always formal in stuff & there was casual flirting at times..)i am afraid she will just forget what we had between us...my sis tells me that even if it was a small spark..such stuffis hard to get over, not in a month! so keep contact to a min & then talk to her when she comes back.


How do i keep the level of contact thru text between us? pleas help me on this & advice me on how to make this work out!!..

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