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I have a fall back guy but I'm looking for something new


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I picked this up from another forum. i figured i'd share with you- So you have an idea what goes on in the dumpers head sometimes!!! ( most of the times)


"I have a major problem. About two years ago I met this guy at school and really started to fall for him. We ended up dating and he was a jerk but I couldnt get enough of him. We ended up staying together off and on all this time but hes changed and i have lost interest in him completely. But, hes so obsessed with me, nice, caring and so on. I guess ive keep him around as a fall back and because i dont want to break his heart. I dont know what to do, i mean i love him as a person but i cant see being with him forever, im looking for someone I can love. ughh its so complicated please help!"


Please think clealy for one second, If you think you might be in this kind out limbo, Please do yourslef a favor......

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I'de like to punt kick that broad right in ass.


With you on this one. When I read that post , I heart just dropped, I couldn't believe someone could intentionally toy someone around like this. I posted it on here just to give others a wake up call. It's juts awful

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It's really horrible, and my immediate reaction was that I hope that wasn't how my ex thought of me.


I did wonder if that posters feelings for the "fallback" had something to do with the fact that he adored her and was no challenge to her, that she also has no respect for somebody who puts up with her crap and treats her well. There are people like that around unfortunately.

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