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Is she jealous?


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Okay, so I have quite a few questions here. Before my boyfriend and I started dating, he had been facebook married to this one girl he has known for years. He told me that they've never been more than just friends and I believe him because he's a really bad lier, like I can easily catch him lying. So then when we started dating, that of course went away and we became, 'In a Relationship With'. He told me that the girl started acting weird around him after he started dating me, and he and I thing that's because she liked him as more than a friend. The weird thing is though, she's a college freshman now and he's going into 10th grade, so the age difference was really a lot. So the other day i met her for the first time and i knew that the only thing i could do was just be nice and act like i knew nothing about how she was acting towards him. When I met her, it was really brief cuz we had to quickly run somewhere else, but i smiled and said hello, while she didn't even look at me and did a half wave. It bothered me trumendously. Should I be doing anything about this? Or should I just let it go? My BF and I both think that it's best to give her space to get over it, but I'm wondering what y'all thought too. Are we doing the right thing? Or should be confront her? Because the thing is, she seems like a really nice girl.

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Just let it go. Women tend to do that (guys too). When they have the chance to be with someone and someone elses gets them instead, it puts them into "pursuit" mode. She just didn't realize she had "competition" or she secretly liked him and never made a move. Either way, it's her problem. Just enjoy your relationship

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I think that maybe your BF should talk about her, ask her how she feels about you two dating. If she asks why, then he can point out how differently she's acting. I don't think YOU should talk to her because you don't really know her but I would definitely encourage HIM to talk to her. It doesn't mean she has romantic feelings for him, but it could be a friend-type of jealousy. You know, he probably won't spend as much time with her as he did before because of you, so as a friend, she might be jealous. Or it could be a romantic-partner type of jealousy.


You won't know unless he talks to her, which I think he totally should.

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I agree. The boyfriend shouldn't talk to her about it. He needs to just let it pass.


I think it's perfectly normal for her to feel a little weird about you. She might simply be friend-jealous, worried she will "lose" her friend.


I think you did the right thing trying to be pleasant... and I think it's great that you want to be friends! Don't find issues where there are none... be happy! It should blow over on it's own...

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