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Interesting friend and break up situation


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So I have been friends with this girl a couple of months and we get along really well and hang out heaps. Nearly two weeks ago I broke up with my long distance girlfriend of 7 months (I'm cool with it now, moved on) but it was pretty tough at first and this friend helped me through it staying up till 3am talking with me (live on campus accommodation, she is in the next unit block


Going out tomorrow with her when my last exam is finished to some clubs or whatever. Don't know whether to be sober because I know she won't drink much, or get blind drunk and see if she tries to interrogate me


Cheers, advice appreciated.


EDIT: Oh and I dunno if maybe the whole helping through the breakup thing would have been instant friend zone. I was pretty sad at the time, so she saw me when I was "vulnerable" but she also would have seen how honest and down to earth I was about relationships (the ex thinks its about sex but I explicitly told this friend it wasn't)

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I dont know... Go for it, but my ex relationship started in the same way, it felt so right, we knew everything about our ex's... After about 8 months it emerged that it may actually have damaged our relationship. We last 16 months, but starting in the way we did (talking about ex's) was something I would not do again.

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