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So I met a guy seven months ago very casually. He was at a party with my best friends sister who I'm also very close with, we didn't really talk at all I just noticed he was there. The next day all four of us spent the day together. Thats the only time I've ever met this kid and then I hear that he thinks I'm most beautiful girl hes ever seen etc..


I moved away 4 months ago and he added me on fb. I got a text 2 days ago (my # is on my profile) and it was him. He told me his life story basically and hes had it pretty rough, I was feeling pretty bad for him. Then he starts getting weird and telling me hes in bed and wants me to send him pics to get him off. I was disgusted! I never thought of him like that at all. Then he sent me a picture of his penis (I never asked him too). Anyways he kept talking "dirty" the whole night. When I didn't answer he would resend the text until I did.


I'm super creeped out by him not to mention I'm sure he does this with alot of girls. But hes dating my friends sister!


How do I get him to stop texting me without sounding mean?

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You shouldn't be concerned with sounding mean, it is disgusting behaviour. I have women friends who have told me about guys who do this. Tell him in no uncertain terms that you don't like it and to stop doing it. If you can't block his texts, at least put his ringtone on "silent" and let him send away. If you don't reply, he will eventually give up. If I were a woman, and a guy was doing this after I told him to stop, I would call the police. Also, dump and block him from Facebook.

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Tell the gf. Let her deal with it. I'm sure she'd love to hear this one. Idc how bad this guy has it. If he's got a girlfriend, why is he creeping on you and asking you to send naked pictures to him. You should keep the penis photos as proof to show his gf as a threat. Tell him if doesn't stop, you'll show her and he'll lose her. I'm sure word will spread fast about what kind of game this guy playing and that he has no plans of commitment. If you have to, call your phone service and request them to block his number if you can't block it on your own phone.

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