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21 year old female b-day gifts???

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I have a life-long friend who turns 21 today. When I asked her what she was doing for her birthday, she of course replied with it's gonna be full of eating, drinking legally, and hanging with friends lol. Sounds pretty casual to me. I mean how big of a party could you throw on a Tuesday night? Anyways, we've been friends for the longest time through families until her mom died and she was left on own her at 19 years old. After that, she kind of did her own thing partying with other friends until she finally worked up the time to start college. We kept in contact here and there since then. Now she has a boyfriend of like a year now, and she's seems to cling to him pretty well and i'm happy for her. So what's the point of this then? I asked her on facebook if she was just having a girls night out for her birthday, and she replied back saying that everyone who wants to be there is welcome and invited me. I asked her if SHE personally would like me to attend to see where would still stood as close friends after the minimal contact. She said "sure Anyways, I want to get her a gift for her that says "regardless of what life throws her way that i'm always going to be there for her", but not easily offend the boyfriend and creep her out by making it look like I secretly love her or something in the process.


Any ideas?

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hmm, well, i'm not the best gift giver...how bout not over relying on an object to speak for you, for me, investment of time and your actions are more important....buy a round of drinks at the party and tell her how much you cherish the friendship and miss the closeness of your younger years, maybe buy her lunch on another day, strictly platonic, and explain your feelings towards her...to me that'd be pretty awesome...or maybe i'm just one of those really easy girls haha

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I think that just being there is enough in this case. I think if you want, a card would be nice. Maybe even make one. Gift certificates for movie tickets are always cool because its something for both of them. Or do you have a picture of you two when you were much younger together and can make a copy of it and frame it for her? or just one of her when she was little

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