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No contact success but what is she texting for!


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Went no contact been a week or So then I get a text from the ex who I work with.

She says beware of who u talk to because they then act like they know all about your situation.


Basically a girl we work with asked me about my boy who is sick and text me happy birthday we had a brief non

Important conversation about it. This girl spoke to few people in office in front of my ex just letting them

Know how I was getting on.


So my ex texts me under the guise of 'I'm just looking out for you' saying to me that this girl doesn't actually care when she's asking me about my boy she just wants to act like she knows all about me! Pathetic right! This girl didn't say anything bad what so ever. My ex goes on to say oh she told us u had told her about your birthday cake and what u did for your birthday, which I did! But what's it matter? Why is she concerned, she dumped me!


I just said yes she text me I replied. I then unfortunately got dragged into a conversation where she saud again to me that we won't be getting back together.


Totally confusing! Any ideas?

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Yeah i guess i should actually have entitled this 'no contact failure' - I guess to me it was some small success as she had previously not contacted me what so ever anything remotely caring or concerned about what i did. So was a shock as it appears, from my view, that there is some jealousy.. but maybe im just too hopeful

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Nothing much to get confused about here if you break it down logically. She doesn't feel anything for you romantically anymore as she's reiterated that she doesn't want to get back together. Sounds to me that she's just being chidish in that if she doesn't want you, then nobody else should either. Which doesn't sound like the actions of somebody who really loved you while you were together.


She only reached out to you for attention, for an ego boost. You gave it to her and then she puts you down again.


She sounds like a nightmare and that you're better off ignoring any contact from her. Strict NC.

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Yeah ive totally messed up anyway.. slipped down the slope after hearing from her. Its so annoying she just wont tell me that its over for good. Keeps saying stuff like who knows about the future etc. Now shes just totally ignoring my texts. Total nightmare.

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You don't need her to tell you that its over and anyway, she already has by saying that she doesn't want you to be back together. It doesn't get any more plain than that.


She's just enjoying the empowerment of knowing that she's having this effect on you and setting you back, to make her feel better about herself, knowing that you still want to chase her. You need to even the balance and take control of YOUR life and start doing that by choosing to stop all contact with her. Stop sending her texts. It will only make you feel worse and it won't change her mind.


Silence in this instance will speak far louder than any words.

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