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Post Breakup... whats going on...?


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Hey guys,


So you guys have probably read my story and how my "ex" gf works with me etc.


Turns out after 2-3 days of NC, she texts me... and i dont answer ... this goes on for a while... until she realizes... im not answering her.

By now im feeling victorious, since she is now going through what i went through... when she wanted space.



In my eyes... as i said before, i went to her house to drop off her stuff, she didnt want to come out. I waited, she came out of the house with her ex bf... they seemed to have no attatchment. I went by later in the night and his truck was there...


So in my eyes i saw him staying over... which keep in mind she lives with her sister and was destroyed...


All of a sudden today she starts calling, i dont pick up the first time as i want her to feel it. She calls a second time and i answered... i demand that if she wants to talk... it needs to be in person. Im not doing anything over the phone nor text message.


We met up tonight and i laid it all out. I let her understand how i was destroyed and how i couldnt believe what she had done. I confronted her and told her what i saw with my eyes.


Her claims were, that he contacted her and really needed her help and he had nowhere to go to...and she helped him stay at her house one night. I have no-proof of this. My response was... i still feel like ive been cheated as theres no proof of anything at all. She told me she loved me, and understood what i saw, but sweared to me that this wasnt the case at all...


She was like i have a soft spot for him blah blah... and at this point i told her... i couldn't believe her... i didn't...


I told her... this is gonna take months to rebuild... were not together... but she must work for it now. If she wants me, she has to now prove herself to me.


It honestly seemed like she was telling me the truth... but there's still a sense of doubt in my mind.


I dont know what to do now... In my heart i still feel destroyed.. as im unsure about it all...


Please give me some input guys.... im so destroyed and a wreck since i love this girl...i feel so guillable ... im so confused.

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Hi Nozrazer


This is only my opinion and might sound harsh , Were there is smoke there is fire , if you are doubting yourself , that is coming from your inner self not your mind , Our mind controls our emotions . I would recommend that you go NC and sort your self out and let her sort her self out . Go with what your Gut feelings not your emotions .


Be true to yourself, Nobody can make you feel happy , only you can

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I tried to believe my ex, and had the wool pulled over my eyes by her.


Right now, things are starting to come to place, that she infact had been lieing to me for weeks or even months before she decided to just totally blank me.

The lies are making me feel physically sick. I didn't think she was like that, especially to lie about a sick Nan, saying hospital had said she "has hours to live". Saying how she goes to the hospital and has to look after her nan, feed her like a baby, take her to the toilet, clean her up and she's only 21 and how unfair on her it is. Turns out it was all lies... I don't have this as 100% proof, but it's pretty obvious now and I feel like a complete idiot. I have NEVER let someone treat me like that, never opened up to someone as much as I did her.


I just wish I trusted my initial feelings instead of believing her when she said nothing was going on.

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