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Not sure what to do-I need advice!!!! N/C or be friends?

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My exboyfriend and I have been broke up for three months and hadn't seen each other for two..My birthday was coming up and he asked if we could go to dinner and chat as friends, I agreed. We ended up talking for about 3 hours about nothing special, just hanging out. I kind of thought maybe he was wanting to meet up for sex but he never tried anything, never got close to me, and really hardly had eye contact with me. He made a few comments like..."you've been eating out a lot, who have you been going with?", he wanted my parents address to write them a letter because he never said good bye (oh ya, we dated for 2 years, but he wasn't really close with my family)..anyways he leaves and texts me later saying "It was cool hanging out, things are looking up for you, i am happy for you, good job, and gnite"..next day he texts me saying I got my wish for a beautiful day. Today, he calls that he needs to drop some equipment off, which was valid and I already knew about it...he brings it by work with his friend, everything was fine. He then texts me an hour later saying " My friend and I agreed that you look happy inside and out, after I got over wondering how you could be so happy without me, haha, I wanted to say I am proud of you and how you have moved forward, nothing makes me more happy to know u are, smile". I didn't even respond, I don't know if he is up to something or if he is genuine, and why even text something like that? It makes me feel like he thought I wasn't going to be able to move on..:sadI want to respond to please let me off the crazy train, i can't take it anymore, I have been doing great! I never contact him and I have been busy and doing my own thing for a while. Of course I still love him but, when he text me this stuff it just takes me back, is this his plan?

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Who dumped who? I think he really wanted to see if you were broken into pieces or you were doing okay. You are doing okay, so he doesn't feel so much like a heel for the break up. The whole "nothing makes me happier to know u are (looking happy inside and out)" sounds like a lot of lofty rubbish. No, I wouldn't be "friends" - I would just leave it as that - he went out with you, he saw how you were doing. You got the equipment back or whatever. I think what's done is done. If you are "friends" then he has his cake and can eat it to. Just move on.


btw, i do think its weird that he wants your parents address - he sounds like he is trying to either suck up or create drama or convince others how great and considerate he is, esp if he didn't really know them well.

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Would you feel happy for him if he dated someone else?

Would you be able to be friends without reading into everything he did?

Do you have zero expectations of getting back together?

Will being friends with him stop you from dating other people?


If you couldn't be happy for him to date someone else, then you are not a true friend so it's best to remember things as they were.

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