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Thankyou for all your help...


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Hello everyone!


Ages ago, I posted in this forum asking for help with my girlfriend. She was being a * * * * * , basically. But, like many others, I was scared of losing her, so I put up with it. Well, she carried on for a while, never doing housework, being a hypocrite, causing arguments, and eventually kissed another guy again.


But this time, I remembered your advice. I didn't roll over. I stuck to my guns, I told her that she was way out of line, and that basically she had to either change, or I'd sell all my stuff, get on my motorbike and ride off into the sunset to start a new life somewhere else.


The results were amazing. It was like someone had shot the girl and replaced her with a lookalike! I work nights and she works days, and one night after we'd been tidying the house all day, I let her get away with not doing much work and she went to bed... I was up all night cleaning (on my night off!) and thought "y'know what? this aint good enough!" - so upstairs I went, woke her up in the middle of the night to tell her off for leaving me with so much work to do, and guess what? She came right downstairs and FINISHED the house! She actually insisted, crying her eyes out because "it was her fault that she wasn't trying hard enough to change".


She went and bought a sticker that says "embrace change" and stuck it right where she'll see it every day. Honestly she's turning into an amazing person, and now the "good times" are "all the time".


You were all so right. I wasn't happy, I had nothing to lose - my options were toughen up or dump her. She didn't want to lose me, she loves me loads... but I think she needed to realise what she had and how she should be treating me. I shocked her into that and now everything's going well. I'm sticking with it now, she's come to expect it.


Now she's talking about 5 year plans involving babies, travelling, better jobs and owning a house.


I just wanted to thank you all, for saving my relationship.


Best wishes,


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